Spill Sweep Bio-Organic Absorbent, 10Kg Bag

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The absorbent product is made up of biodegradable cellulose fibre with the addition of bio-active degrading microbes. These microbes become active when wet and help to break down oil & fuels and is able to be disposed of in normal waste. Meets the USEPA leachate test criteria for demonstrating immobilisation of "oil & fuel liquid" and is therefore suitable for landfill disposal.

The fibres also have a "wax" like consistency, so that on a wet day when oil & fuel fluid is floating on water, the Spill Sweep fibres absorb the oils & fuels first to encapsulate the pollutant. When there is no oil & fuel present, the fibres will take on water based fluids after a few seconds.

Absorption rate is 2 to 1. (2 parts spill to 1 part product).